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Swamped with innovation

I’m jumping on the Thackara bandwagon: We’re swamped by innovation, but starved of meaning. So what steps should we take, and in which order? […] Where there are gaps, we can invent stuff. But let’s ease up on inventing for it’s own sake: it delivers as much smoke, as solutions. Back in my gung-ho-pulling-all-nighters-at-yet-another-start-up days, innovation for [...]
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It probably shoots out sparks

The little box under my desk that makes the internet work died; sorry for the downtime. Shopping around for a replacement I got to see a lot of antennae since everything is wireless these days. One in particular stood out. If only it were green, reminded me of something else. Antenna are pretty interesting actually, as [...]
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Next stop: the smell of plague

Reading the recent Total Experience post, Studio 360: “Scratch and Sniff,” The Mystery of Smell, I was reminded why I love museum exhibit designers: How can we design compelling experiences to exploit people’s sense of smell? Displays of perfumery and taste enhancers are common. A more thrilling, if somewhat bizarre example, has been the [...]
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The Purr of 248hp at 185kW

If the Prius or the Honda Hybrids aren’t doing it for you, check out what the folks at Tesla Motors are building. Pretty amazing & impressive engineering. I saw a nice presentation from JB Straubel (Tesla’s CTO) and Bill Moggridge (IDEO, Tesla design consultant) where they outlined some of the decisions that went into the [...]
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Is it even a meal?

I’ve watched Bourdain’s Decoding Ferran Adria a few times now; incredibly fascinating. What Adria is doing reminded me of a bit I once read from DeBono about vertical and lateral thinking: Logic is the tool that is used to dig holes deeper and bigger, to make them altogether better holes. But if the hole is in [...]
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IDeSiGN – Seven Ways of Design Thinking

“Design thinking is what people do when they pursue their goals. Everyone focuses their thinking in order to satisfy wants and needs regarding a particular situation. They recognize and define information relevant to their purpose, consider alternatives, decide what to do, do it, determine if they are satisfied with the results, and if not, revise [...]
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Sexy schemas?!

Jeremy Zawodny decided to “annotate” Tom Coates’ recent Future of Web Apps presentation. Not sure the annotations really add much value, in fact, one seems particularly backwards: Start designing with data, not pages Figure out what data is important, how it will be stored, represented, and transferred. Think about the generic services that one can build on [...]
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The MAYA Design Experience

MAYA Design knows immersive design. This time, they collaborated with the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design on a long-distance academic project to design a national park. “In keeping with the theme of the course, the students unveiled their final recommendations by staging an immersive experience. They filled a large, round room with process sketches, [...]
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A few things

A few books to read / Bill de hÓra put together an interesting list of books with one in particular standing out, “The Power of Events: [long title truncated].” The smashLab folks have a new weblog and in the Reconsidering Design article the author mentions the book “All Access, The Making of Thirty Extraordinary Graphic [...]
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Announcing Studio One

“We are excited to announce the first of Fit’s series of studios. Studio One will be an intense learn-by-doing experience for twenty participants. Together, we will observe people in some context and activity, create product concepts, and evaluate those concepts with mockups and prototypes. Studio One provides a base of experience for later, deeper exploration [...]
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