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Memories of Fake Buttons Past & Present

I remember using an app called PacerForum on my IIfx back in the mid 90s. You wouldn’t mistake it for something complicated, it was just a glorified discussion forum. But the memory I kept of that app was the simple presentation of discussion topics: Just a short title, a little graphic if you wanted and [...]
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Debugging with a drill

We’ve got this great old lamp that blew up recently. Smoke, black charred bits, scary. Easy enough to fix right? NO! The Master Craftsman that originally put this together must’ve been able to bend space & time. Wire doesn’t normally bend at right angles unassisted, much less an acute angle like this: But the person that [...]
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Selling lightbulbs

I’ve been trying to come to grips with CF lights. Saving money on my electricity bill is a good enough motivator, however I’m a stickler for nice lighting and won’t settle for something that saves money yet looks ugly. The saving the environment in the abstract makes a lot of sense, of course, but I [...]
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It probably shoots out sparks

The little box under my desk that makes the internet work died; sorry for the downtime. Shopping around for a replacement I got to see a lot of antennae since everything is wireless these days. One in particular stood out. If only it were green, reminded me of something else. Antenna are pretty interesting actually, as [...]
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