Announcing Studio One

“We are excited to announce the first of Fit’s series of studios. Studio One will be an intense learn-by-doing experience for twenty participants. Together, we will observe people in some context and activity, create product concepts, and evaluate those concepts with mockups and prototypes. Studio One provides a base of experience for later, deeper exploration of specific tools and techniques (including other studios in the Fit Curriculum), and a reference point for immediate improvement of work practices at home.”

“Spend a full week working through an entire project: observation and interview, gleaning incites, conceiving product concepts, evaluating and refining concpts, and communicating results. Studio One is meant for people who want an introductory overview to the full cycle. You’ll work with a small group of people who are at your level, guided and coached by Marc Rettig and Jenna Date, the principals of Fit Associates.”

Marc Rettig (and Aradhana Goel) were the folks that did that incredible user experience project/case study on the library. Learn from the masters.

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