Designing for the User Experience

“Then it went into a great case study about redesigning a library system. It was one of those ones where you sit and think “I want that job…”. The slides from this are going to be available at and when they’re up there later today I storngly recommend you go and have a look – its a really nice visual represntation of the tools – their personas and their tools – nicely put together and very clear. In particular take a look at the Design Principles slide. Essentially it was an entire re-design of a library – from the physical architecture, the signage to the online system.” Notes from the On The Road weblog about the recent Adaptive Path UX Week.

I have to highlight the PDF from Marc Rettig and Aradhana Goel—it’s great! I want to project each page on a wall and immerse myself; these little PDF pages don’t do the subject justice. One of the best examples of the physical “experience” experience design demands around.

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