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Metropolis Mag’s “Capturing Culture”

Short article in the latest Metropolis about Chronicle Books hiring a corporate anthropologist to help design new offices. It’s a quick read: “[Her] thesis is that organizations have their own kind of invisible structure. In other words, what you see on the flowchart of a company isn’t necessarily how the work gets done,” Carabetta explains. Stephenson [...]
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Knowing your audience

From WSJ’s short interview with Tesco CEO Terry Leahy: Q: Tesco is famous for doing a lot of customer research with it’s loyalty program, the Clubcard. LEAHY: It’s an important technical part of an even more important philosophy, which is to listen to customers—but really listen. Many organizations say they listen, but they’re very selective in what [...]
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The MAYA Design Experience

MAYA Design knows immersive design. This time, they collaborated with the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design on a long-distance academic project to design a national park. “In keeping with the theme of the course, the students unveiled their final recommendations by staging an immersive experience. They filled a large, round room with process sketches, [...]
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Designing for the User Experience

“Then it went into a great case study about redesigning a library system. It was one of those ones where you sit and think “I want that job…”. The slides from this are going to be available at www.marcrettig.com/uxweek and when they’re up there later today I storngly recommend you go and have a look [...]
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Free webcast on ethnographic research

“Marketers are always looking for ways that research can “go deeper” with consumers, to access unconsciously driven behaviors. In this lively presentation, Jan Lohs, Lohs Research Group and Susan Sweet, Doyle Research Associates, Inc. will help even seasoned professionals understand why and when to conduct ethnographic and observational qualitative research projects to achieve rich, below-the-surface [...]
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