IDeSiGN – Seven Ways of Design Thinking

“Design thinking is what people do when they pursue their goals. Everyone focuses their thinking in order to satisfy wants and needs regarding a particular situation. They recognize and define information relevant to their purpose, consider alternatives, decide what to do, do it, determine if they are satisfied with the results, and if not, revise their approach until they are successful, all while learning through the experience.”

“The information on this website is provided free to anyone interested in teaching children and young adults the creative and critical thinking skills they need to cope with any subject or situation. Written by Dr. Charles Burnette, translated into Korean and edited by Yi Ji Hyun the information on this website may not be revised or reproduced for sale without the written approval of the author, but may be freely copied and distributed if there is no cost to the recipient.”

A bunch of great resources for teaching kids “design thinking.” Why should kids have all the fun? This is wonderful stuff.

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