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The MAYA Design Experience

MAYA Design knows immersive design. This time, they collaborated with the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design on a long-distance academic project to design a national park. “In keeping with the theme of the course, the students unveiled their final recommendations by staging an immersive experience. They filled a large, round room with process sketches, [...]
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Announcing Studio One

“We are excited to announce the first of Fit’s series of studios. Studio One will be an intense learn-by-doing experience for twenty participants. Together, we will observe people in some context and activity, create product concepts, and evaluate those concepts with mockups and prototypes. Studio One provides a base of experience for later, deeper exploration [...]
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The Ten Faces of Innovation

“Are you a Cross-Pollinator? Do you work with a Hurdler? Or a Storyteller? These are just a few of the roles that Tom Kelley, author of the bestselling Art of Innovation, suggests that people can play in an organization to foster innovation and new ideas—and fend off creativity-stifling naysayers. Inspired by the roles that Tom [...]
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Kepler’s Bookstore goes out of business

“Kepler’s, a landmark bookstore and cultural icon of the Menlo Park/Palo Alto area for more than a half century, abruptly closed for good this morning. “’This is it,’ owner Clark Kepler told about 40 employees at a 9 a.m. all-staff meeting, shedding tears. Employees were left stunned and reeling from the announcement as Kepler cited [...]
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On Being and Deliciousness with Wil Shipley

“It’s been awhile since we’ve had a nice chewable interview on the site, and I’m pleased to offer up a special treat: Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster, makers of Delicious Library.” Don’t miss the very interesting PDF download at the conclusion of the interview: “Throughout the interview, I’ve included little shots of Delicious Library throughout its [...]
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