Year-end list of things I forgot

1. The movie Cronos is really creepy. Spoiler–how terrifying is the lips sewn shut scene? I’m not a fan of vampire movies but this one is so good I don’t even think of it as one. This was Guillermo del Toro’s second movie. Crazy considering he’s billed as a producer on the upcoming Kung Fu Panda 2.

2. Television is (or at least, can be) really funny. Maybe the greatest loss in the era of Reality TV is the demise of funny TV writing. Where are those writers now?

So far, Netflix is the enabler and the holiday provides the time. It’s kinda great that Netflix allows that history to live on. But did you know things expire from Netflix? I didn’t. One of the greatest all time classics is expiring today, January 1st. Instantwatcher is a recent find and is a must-have if you’re any sort of Netflix regular. (Yeah, I spent a lot of time exploring Netflix this Christmas.)

3. Collaboration is terrific. It brings life. It amuses me. Music, for instance. Check out Broken Bells and Das Racist. Total surprises, totally satisfying. This is the time of the year for best of lists so plenty more to explore.

4. The “traditional” social network (e.g. family & friends & a big dining table & plenty of wine) won’t ever leak your embarrassing Christmas carol video to millions of people. But depending on wine consumption could still be a little uncomfortable later.

5. The wonderful taste of coffee. I gave up caffeine for 2010 and coffee was the first to go. With all the holiday treats I’ve been eating, I ran back to coffee (decaf this time!) to help with balancing the sweet. So yes, coffee you’re back on the list. Thanks for waiting.

Here’s to remembering more in 2011!

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