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More reminiscing

In lieu of anything actually new, how about a walk down memory lane Play with the Machine style? January 2005 Tara Mcpherson: “Fantastic poster maker & illustrator. Letterpress-esque, check out the Stereolab one. She sells them, Stereolab is on $35.” Timely even! Her stuff is featured prominently in Juno’s (from the movie Juno) bedroom. January 2004 FSDB: “FSDB is [...]
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So that was a fun year!

Not without the usual sadness…. So long Oscar Peterson, Ettore Sottsass, Don Herbert and so many more…. And hello 2008! Glad to meet you.
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Once again with energy

The old machinelake.com was near death. So to reinvigorate it I decided to tear it all down and start from scratch! Nothing like the smell of fresh paint to get the creativity going…. It is pretty bare-bones. Nothing fancy for me. No “next page” “previous page” crutches for you. At least not yet. The TODO list [...]
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Machinelake.com ran into some problems a few weeks back. Long story short, it’s all brand new. All the archives, categories, etc. will come back as soon as possible. Generally, I try looking at these interludes of failure as useful ways of breaking bad habits and getting out of ruts. So great! New ways of doing [...]
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Thanks for your patience

Slowly. Back in action.
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