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Cascading’s Logparser example in Clojure

I’ve long been interested in working with Cascading but didn’t relish the thought of jumping back into Java. Thankfully with the arrival of Clojure I can now happily play in my less-typing world. I wanted to get a basic Cascading demo running so I took the Logparser example from the distribution and ported it over to [...]
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Another reason I like Clojure

Exploring new packages of code, say the latest jar from Echo Nest, is incredibly easy and just plain fun. For instance: (import '(com.echonest.api.v3.artist Artist ArtistAPI DocumentList)) (def artist-api (new ArtistAPI "YOUR DEV KEY HERE")) (def hot-artists (. artist-api getTopHotttArtists 10)) (println (.. (first hot-artists) getItem getName)) Will spit out “Papercuts” (as of the time of this writing), the current #1 [...]
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