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On pricing Aerogel, Saffron & Truffles

Inventables calls themselves “the innovator’s hardware store.” They sell materials for developing new products and “pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.” And looking around, I head straight to the Aerogel. Surely they have it. It’s totally space-age–NASA uses it after all, plus it makes for compelling demos. And since it’s generally considered an expensive material, it [...]
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Pay attention to Oobject

“Oobject is a kind of online Wunderkammer comprising visual lists of man-made objects.” Another great site that’ll swallow a lot of your time. One click leads to another and another. Their lists span many topics; take a look at some of these: 15 Videos of Sausage Making Machines 9 Vintage Monorails 10 classic jacob jensen gadgets
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