Big in Twitter is offline for good

Remember that? Big In Twitter was a little hack I threw together earlier this year. Briefly, it collected band names and searched for them on Twitter and tracked the number of mentions and where (geographically speaking) they were being mentioned. However I’m no longer interested in pursuing this particular solution.

As a post-mortem, I’d say you could get a lot of mileage out of not terribly sophisticated Ruby code that you spin up and tear down many times throughout the day. If you need to keep your Ruby running longer then you have to do something sophisticated, think Curb or EventMachine vs net-http/open-uri. TokyoCabinet is a great choice and keeps getting better. Sinatra & Passenger remained a reliable constant. But I don’t think I’ll ever use Haml or Sass again. I started to dread having to touch the Haml so I eventually stopped; that’s never good. Keeping track of spaces was hard! Ultimately, nothing controversial.

Big in Twitter will be back of course. Someday.

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