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I was reading KT Meaney’s piece from Design Observer, Greening the Grocery Store, when I realized how similar the problems facing the CF light world. Meaney’s post describes the confusion & misinformation people face when they try shopping “green”. What help does a consumer get?

Did it surprise me that the “recycling symbol” at the bottom of my yogurt container had nothing to do with its recyclability? Yes. (As it turns out, my city doesn’t take #5s.) So why was it there? My curiosity led to findings around which I built a design class. […] Our class is not about recycling per se. It is about understanding the systems we live in, finding the flaws and evaluating them. Our three Rs are research, rethink, redesign.

That last sentence lists the elements missing from the CF light adoption story. Treating them as “different” light bulbs isn’t working. The industry needs to rethink and redesign!

Meaney’s students came up with some interesting approaches to help folks make better decisions at the grocery store. These systems could work just as well for selling CF lights.

For instance, in-aisle education can come from stacking the shelves differently or displaying more information on the floor. (The original images aren’t that big; links just click through to the original piece.)

Caution Tape

Plastic Floor Display

What about after purchasing your CF lights? You do know where your local recycler is right? No? Check out the handy list printed on your receipt. No excuses now.

Extra info on receipt

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

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