Itching a scratch with Python, and 3×5 index cards

Once again I found myself at a bookstore, so overwhelmed with choice I forgot what I was looking for. Never again. With some help from effbot, ReportLab and my trusty Python, I whipped up this,

In a nutshell, this little script grabs up to 15 items recently tagged “readinglist” from my account, applies some simple formatting and then builds a 3×5 PDF suitable for your Hipster PDA. It’s stream of consciousness coding with lots of hardcoded stuff, but it works just fine for me. Bugs exist, e.g. it’ll get confused if you use certain characters in your item titles. I had a few extra minutes so now you can also build arbitrary lists, like this or this. The hardcoded formatting can either work for or against you.

Of course, there’s no support for this. If you can find something useful out of it, great. Otherwise, sorry.

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