Made in the USA


“Made In The USA will introduce the world to real people with real inventions and high hopes – people like the small town couple who mortgaged their home to finance an automatic pet groomer, or the college student who dropped out to pursue his dream of a video game console in every rest room – all competing for a chance to make their lifelong dream a reality.”

“From the thousands of Made In The USA hopefuls, six teams of two will be chosen to participate in a weekly competition. Over the course of the six-week series, the teams will develop their product from prototype to marketplace-ready. Each week, a guest expert will be on hand to evaluate the teams as they undergo challenges and tasks designed to measure their abilities as inventors, collaborators, and marketers. One by one, teams will face elimination based on their performance and the opinion of the show’s three celebrity judges.”

And the judges are: Joy Mangano, Nolan Bushnell and Karim Rashid. Design meets Reality TV. I think I’d prefer Design meets Fear Factor. 

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